JustFaith Ministries inspires people of faith to challenge injustice with compassion.

Through programming, workshop and resource development, JustFaith Ministries empowers communities of faith to live into the Gospel call of discipleship. Through these life-changing opportunities, members of a church or parish can study, explore and experience Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable in a lively, challenging, multifaceted process in the context of a small faith community.

JustFaith Ministries offers programs in the following areas:

Social Justice Formation – The JustFaith Program (available in a Catholic version and a version for the wider Christian community)

Spirituality and Social Action – The Engaging Spirituality Program

Youth and Young Adult Formation – The JusticeWalking (J-Walking) Program (available in high school and college versions)

Topical Studies – JustMatters Modules (exploring such topics as climate change, prison reform, immigration, etc)